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Open Archives

search genealogical data of open archives

Open Archives makes it possible to search data from archives which allow their data to be re-uses. This user-friendly, multi-language website works on smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. Open Archives continues where the archive websites stop: it automatically searches for related sources (accross archives!), links to other related data sources and shows the data in a beautiful and insightful manner.

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With information about 218 million persons!

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Genealogy Online

publish your family tree, find your ancestors

Genealogy Online offers genealogists the possibility to easily put their genealogical data and images on Internet in four languages. They get suggestions about locations of scans of source materials based on their data. Every month all family trees are matched with each other to find similarities which can help genealogists in their research!

Publish your family tree

More than 56 million ancestors online and searchable!

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Family Archivist

treasure your family history, make a digital family archive

The subscription service Family Archivist offers genealogists a virtual place for their digital family archive. Genealogist can invite family members to participate on Family Archivist in the family archive: they can see the archive, add material like photo's and scans, write about the family and give feedback on all material!

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Over 3 thousand family archives activated!

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Stamboom Forum

Dutch social network for genealogist and archives

The Stamboom Forum offers all kinds of functionalities to get in contact with others Dutch speaking members about genealogy, archives, history and family names. The Who (re)searches who? register allows to enter or search for the familynames you (re)search.

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More than 95 thousand genealogists already signed on!

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Stamboom Gids

the most comprehensive Dutch guide about genealogy and archives

With the Stamboom Gids you can find websites which are important for genealogists. All websites, added by genealogists, are categorised and have a description and screenhot. Members can review websites or add websites to their favorites, so the best websites will float to the top.

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More than 23 thousand websites categorised and searchable!

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Genealogie Werkbalk

quickly and easily search in Dutch genealogical sources

The Genealogie Werkbalk gives direct access to a collection of important Dutch genealogical sources which are searchable by familyname, helps you finds scans with FamilySearch and archives.

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